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Power Armor
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pulp Alley!

We played our first game of Pulp Alley today and had a fun time.  Definitely looking forward to more games in the future.  Here's a brief AAR and some pics.  Thanks!

We played using sci-fi figures and terrain from my friend Russ's extensive collection.  This was just a learning game, so we didn't take any time establishing fluff; my guys were rough and tumble, post-apocalyptic mercenaries; Russ's were green-skinned, purple-armored aliens.  Perhaps human insurgents fighting against alien occupation forces?

The table---a fuel refinery and landing pad on the left, and habitation units and an electrified fence on the right (the fence was Extremely Perilous)

My league---Leader, Sidekick, 3 Allies, and 1 Follower, with an emphasis on shooting skills

Moving out

The aliens move forward, taking one plot point early in the game

Two alien scum---"Kill them all, and eventually they'll stop sending them."

The aliens did very well early in the game, keeping the initiative for two solid turns

The insurgent sidekick---a tough shooter

Unseen peril! An alien insurgent is taken out by an insurgent mine

One of the alien grunts, carrying a plot point, takes up a firing position against the humans 

One of the insurgents goes down---he recovered at the end of the turn

One of the insurgents, the lowly follower, ran forward to grab a plot point---he tried unsuccessfully for several turns

The human leader passes a Peril test and takes a precarious elevated firing position and poured effective fire into the aliens 

Failed attempts to grab another plot point

With one alien down, another runs forward to re-secure the fallen plot point

The alien leader in a gun duel with the insurgent leader---human shot him up and sent him packing

The human sidekick charges forward and smacks down one alien...

But the alien leader doubles pack and knocks down the sidekick.

We called the game at that point---four aliens were down, and the humans had no casualties. Insurgent victory!...a thousand more like that, and we'll kick the scum off the planet.

The game was fun, with lots of movement and back-and-forth gun battles.  The dice matching mechanic in combat is fun, quick, and involves both players in the action.  We have already planned a game for next week, involving archaeologists and a cult in 1920s Egypt.

Russ's considerable collection of Various and Sundry 25mm stuff, perfect for endless Pulp Alley leagues...
Thanks for reading!

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