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Power Armor
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two sci-fi scenarios

My upcoming sci-fi rules will feature a bunch of scenarios, two of which I have shared here. "What's a Space Pirate's Favorite Letter?" is a space ship boarding action.  "Diaz Corner" is a futuristic gang-war firefight in the Corporate City (future Los Angeles).  Each game features around 30 miniatures a side and plays on a 3x3 table. The scenarios are new and I haven't done any playtesting on them.

Players can use these scenarios in their games and, if you want, can give me feedback.  They are written in the format of my rules, but should be easily translatable to other games.  I have provided information in this post to convert them to other games.

2 Free Sci-fi Scenarios

What some of these terms mean:
Quality/Morale: Quality runs from 3-5, with Q-3 being elite troops, Q-4 regulars, and Q-5 poorly trained or militia type troops.  Morale of 3 is excellent morale, Morale 4 is average, and Morale 5 is poor.
Unit size: Number of figures in the unit.
Firepower: Off World, like its WWII cousin A Sergeant's War, represents infantry firepower abstractly.  The units represented in these scenarios are all small units, so have firepower 2-4.  Firepower 2 represents poor weapons; Firepower 3 represents normal weapon load out (assault rifles and probably a SAW or grenade launcher), and Firepower 4 represents a heavily armed unit with several grenade launchers/SAWs.
Firefights: Close-range fighting.  A +1 or +2 bonus represents extra short-ranged ability.
Armor +1/-1: Unit has poor armor (+1) or good armor (-1).   No modifier means that the unit has standard body armor.
Blood Thirsty: Unit has a morale bonus when trying to get into close range fights.
Melee troops: Unit is better at close-range fighting, but more vulnerable to enemy fire while trying to close in to hand-to-hand range.

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