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Power Armor
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

15mm painting tutorial

Here is a brief tutorial on the methods I use to paint.  The model is a 15mm Ground Zero Games figure, but I use the same system on 20mm and 28mm figures, and something similar for 6mm/micro armor. 


The start: Army Painter paint brushes, my colors (Vallejo Yellow Green, Vallejo Dark Blue Grey, Army Painter Uniform Grey, generic white, generic black, and Army Painter Soft Tone Ink; model primed grey with Krylon automotive primer).  The model is based on a penny, with crushed walnut shell glued on as texture.


Step 1: Paint the whole model in the base color, Vallejo Dark Blue Grey.


Step 2: Paint the weapon yellow green and the backpack uniform grey.


Step 3: Paint the goggles and sensor/sight looking things black. 


Step 4: Apply the wash. I apply directly from the dropper, using a generous amount. I drip the wash onto the model and then  paint it on with a brush.


Step 5: Let the wash dry.  With some colors—drab military colors—you could actually stop at this point. But I want the model a bit brighter.


Step 6: Highlight the armor and the gun. I do this by mixing the base colors with a bit of white and applying them, drybrush style, to the model.  I do two highlights, with more white in the second.

 Step 7: Paint the base with Army Painter Desert Yellow. Highlight the base with Army Painter desert yellow + white. Done!


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  1. I have never modelled in 15mm, so this is a very useful tutorial. Thank for doing this, you are going to be such a help to this part of my collection.