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Power Armor
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Skip bombers attack! Check Your 6 game report

We played a fun game of Check your Six today, with American planes attacking some Japanese ships.  B-25s came in low, dropping bombs and strafing at wave-top level. American losses were heavy---three bombers shot down and the fourth damaged.  Japanese losses were one Tony destroyed and one Tony damaged, with a Zero damaged as well.  More importantly, the Americans destroyed one transport and badly damaged a second.  Pictures below, thanks for looking!

B-25s on the approach.  The Americans had 4 strafers, escorted by a pair of P-38s.

Tonys en route to intercept.  The Japanese had 3 Tonys and 3 late-model Zeroes.

The board, 6x4.

Tonys fly forward.  Below them, the prize: a heavy cruiser and three transports (by Topside minis---beautiful and cheap!)

B-25s drop down to the deck for their approach

Tonys heading toward the B-25s

Zeroes begin their dive to get into the fight

Engagement commences: B-25 turrets open up on the approaching Tonys, whose fire has no effect on the tough bombers

Lightnings gauge their targets, while one Tony (left) stays high to engage them

B-25 turret scores a hit on a green Tony

Short range pass

The Tony, with air frame damage, attempts an extreme turn and overstresses the plane--it comes apart and crashes

Zeroes on a head-on pass
Cannon fire obliterates one strafer (I rolled a high damage roll and my uncle rolled snakeeyes on the robustness check)

Strafers close in on a transport

*!&^% B-25 defensive fire damages a Tony

The strafer knocks out an AA mount...

...while the second bomber scores a hard hit with one bomb, and a miss with the second

Overhead of the battle, roughly turn 6

Heavy fire on the transport

Lightnings climbing to pursue the tonys

One strafer closes in for a second bomb run...

...but a veteran Tony pulls up right behind and kills the strafer! (My uncle rolled a critical hit---Cockpit Crew killed.  We presumed that several cannon rounds passes through the length of the aircraft and exploded in the cockpit)

While I smile about my lucky kill, the B-25 who'd survived the Zeroes drops a pair of bombs and sinks a transport!

Another strafer attack knocks out an AA mount and damages a transport


End game.  The strafers were all either shot down or out of bombs.  

Lightnings contemplate climbing out while Tonys and Zeroes swarm

We called the game then---probably a tactical Japanese victory because of the heavy B-25 losses, but an operational victory for the Americans.  I think I made the American force a little too weak; they needed another strafer or maybe some better pilots.  Good times!

Planes are all Oddzial Osmy 1/600.  Ships are by Topside minis and are approx 1/1800.  Splash and fire markers are by Litko.  Flight stands are homemade.


  1. Some questions
    1° I guess you use very small but very strong magnets glued on your plane models
    2° how do you make the different heights of your plane models ? each time changing the rod to put in antoher longer or smaller seems quite time consuming to me

    1. Marc,

      Yes, small, rare-earth magnets which are glued to the planes, connect quite well to the rounded acorn nuts.

      To your second point: the altitude rods are lenghts of brass tubes which connect, socket-like, to each other. It takes a few seconds to swap out and doesn't burn game time.