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Power Armor
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Jungle terrain commission

I built this jungle terrain for a gamer who intends to use it with cavemen and dinosaurs--hence the bones and big egg nests! They are intended for 28mm. More pics after the bump. Thanks for looking.

About 6 square feet of terrain--two dino skeletons, the geyser, two tarpits, two egg nests (one elevated, one on ground), and numerous areas of jungle.

The black tarpits aren't quite done---have to touch up the paint and seal them with gloss.

Excellent dino bones off of ebay---just washed them brown and drybrushed.

Pterosaur's nest. The eggs, made from sculpy, are removable.

A land-dwelling dino nest, also with removable eggs.

Unassuming hole in the ground I guess...but what strange colors on the rocks and surrounding ground--

Ermahgerd it's a geyser! 

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  1. Great work- some really nice pieces there.