Power Armor

Power Armor
Khurasan power armor infantry with conversions

Sunday, September 25, 2016

15mm sci-fi forces for Millennium Con

These will be the human forces for my game at Millennium Con this year: a mix of California militia, United Nations of Earth and Mars Special Forces, combat droids, and vehicles.  Lots of manufacturers here: Matchbox (the tracked APCs, modified); Darkest Star (several of the droids and the wheeled tank); Khurasan (power armor, a few militia) and some of the droids); Rebel Minis (a few of the insurgents); and Oddzial Osmy (most of the militia).

More pics and some gamer-fluff below. Thanks for looking!

Warrant Officer Chiang checked his tablet again.  The infuriating little blue stars, which indicated the reinforcements promised to him by Southwest Command, were still blinking at the same map coordinates they were an hour ago.  He keyed in another message to Command, told the system's AI not to edit out his profanity, and closed the map.

Around him, a short platoon of California militia---mostly displaced Los Angelinos---dug foxholes and ranged their weapons on the shoulders of I-10, several hundred meters distant from their position on the slopes.  Sergeants Murphy and Diachenko, Chiang's subordinates and fellow advisors from the 1st Special Operation Group, helped the brave but untrained militia fighters establish ideal firing positions.  

Behind him, technicians hurried repaired a squad of combat droids---heavily armed and tough but with outdated initiative protocols and of generally little use in a fight other than as a base of fire.  A light Scorpion tank idled in the shade of a scrappy tree, its crew checking the vehicle's weapons.

Chiang's airborne drone chirped to him from his ear bud and he opened up the drone's view in his helmet visor.  There, a swarm of yellow and getting closer: the Amalgam, flooding up the I-10 and over the rugged hills around it.

Nearly a battalion's worth, coming straight for them. 

Diachenko yelled up the slope of the hill, her voice loud and clear despite the sound of e-tools and the militia chattering: "You see this, Chiang?"  Her visor was down and she saw the same thing he did.

He nodded.  "Alright, ladies and gents," he said to the militia.  "Prep time is over.  The Amalgam's almost here."

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