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Power Armor
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

40k done differently---using No Stars in Sight to play Warhammer 40,000

I played a fun No Stars in Sight game, using Warhammer 40k miniatures.  Today's fight was a sort of "Lone Survivor" in the world of 40k skulls and swords---6 Cadian Kasrkin are waiting for extraction, with Tau and Kroot on their heels.  We made minimal modification to the rules, using the game's own special rules and stats to recreate 40k troops.

The game played quickly.  A 10-man Tau Fire Warrior squad moved up on the Kasrkin's right, while an 8-man Kroot squad came up the left.  The Tau forces moved from cover to cover, but Kasrkin special weapons---which counted as SAWs---dominated the two man avenues of approach.  The Tau were forced to inch their way forward.  

The board. Lots of steep hills, plus two Imperial ruins.  The board was 4x4.

Kasrkin on the left flank

The Kasrkin center---two SAWs

The first Fire Warrior advance--shot up by the SAW

After advancing into the rocks, the Kroot came under fire and were pushed back

Firing and slowly moving, the Fire Warriors crept up the flank.

A Kasrkin, hot-shot rifle aimed through a narrow pass

Finally, the Tau made some progress.  On the right flank, Tau fire dropped one Kasrkin.  As another Cadian ran over to help his downed comrade, a lone Fire Warrior made it up into grenade range and wounded him, as well.  Now the Kasrkin right flank was only held by a SAW gunner.  Meanwhile, on the Kasrkin's right flank, Kroot fusilades suppressed a few of the Cadians and the Kroot warriors moved forward.

Working up the flank---Tau press forward into Kasrkin fire

A kroot moves in...

The Kasrkin counter-attacks...

Down goes Kroot

A Kasrkin sergeant firing on the Kroot

Probably the Tau hero of the engagement---first, he wounds a Kasrkin...

...then he rushes forward into cover (you can barely see the other Kasrkin moving to help his buddy)

...and the Tau throws a grenade, wounding the other Kasrkin, too.

Kroot rushing up the middle

Kroot fire built and knocked down a Cadian SAW gunner.  The sergeant on the left flank then ran to the middle, to try and save the wounded gunner.  The remaining Cadian counter-attacked, but was killed and devoured by the Kroot.  Meanwhile, on the other flank, the Tau warriors built up a strong base of fire from some woods and kept the Cadians busy.  

The game closed with the Cadian sergeant using his advanced medical gear to revive the wounded SAW gunner.  Now, as for victory...the original victory conditions meant that the Kasrkin definitely won, but we continued playing as a playtest for the scenario.  There needed to be either more Tau/Kroot or more terrain for them to advance through.

Sergeant moving to help the SAW

SAW back on his feet!  (Good thing it was the sarge and not a Commissar who came to help)

For the Emperor!

Actually, let's just do lunch

Tau on the flank
End game: 4 Kroot casualties, 2 Tau casualties, 2 Kasrkin casualties and 1 walking wounded

The game played really well in 28mm; we didn't adjust any of the ranges (though I did tend to allow troops to move the extra length of their basewidth).  With roughly "realistic" tech forces, like Tau and Imperial Guard, little of the game needs to be changed.  We did allow the Kroot a faster Rush move, and the Kasrkin counted as super-buff Special Forces types.

For more esoteric 40k forces, more special rules will be necessary---but a lot can be covered by the Special Rules and alien traits/characteristics already in No Stars in Sight.

The terrain and miniatures are my uncle's.  Thanks for looking!


  1. It looks really great! This was exactly what I was looking to do with the rules too.

  2. Thanks, Dale. In a later post, I'll put up some of my stat ideas for 40k---please share any ideas if you want. The Imperial Guard are pretty much straight humans; the Tau are high-tech humans. But the other xenos and the Astartes will require more thinking.

    1. Any time people do 40K Space Marines, you always run into the question of how to represent them? The Rogue Trader style brain-washed storm troopers? Captain Imperium? Somewhere inbetween?

      Eager to see what you come up with.

      I'd be inclined to agree on Tau being basically human, rules wise, just with snazzy gear.

    2. I like both kinds of Space Marines---I think that militarized psychopaths would be more interesting, though.

      Heroic Super Dudes:
      Assault Armor (no move penalty)
      Tough (or whatever that rule is for fighting while wounded)
      +1 Activation
      Carry a brutal basic weapon---maybe the new Shredder Rifle, to count-as a bolter?
      +1 in hand to hand
      Special Forces, so only pinned if in cover on a 6+

      Obviously, they'd usually fight heavily outnumbered.

      I'd need to look over the main NSIS rules to do the psychopath version...but that could be super cool.

  3. I think for the "Old school" marines, you can probably make them Stormers from the new supplement, and kit them out pretty well.
    Charge for the Emperor!

    1. That would work well. Now we just need NSIS rules for the Stompa. :)

    2. I imagine you'll be waiting for a while ;)