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Power Armor
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Battletech AAR

I got to play my first Battletech game in well over a decade.  We broke out 8 medium mechs from my uncle's extensive collection and played a quick game.  My side narrowly won, destroying or crippling 3 mechs at the cost of 2--though one of my remaining mechs was shot up, and the enemy survivor was totally undamaged.

Battletech is a pretty simple game---you move your mechs, then both sides shoot, and then you calculate heat damage.  Easy to pick up and play, even if you're inexperienced or haven't played in ages (like me).  The game complexity is in how each mech rates---its amount of damage, weapons, speed, and, critically, its ability to manage heat build up.

Shadow Hawk-D moves up into a firing position

Trebuchet, can't-remember-the-name, and a Hunchback

Vulcan moves up the flank after it came under light fire from the Trebuchet

Three enemy mechs open up on my Shadow Hawk, with limited result (long range fire)

My mechs along the bottom; the enemy north of the rocky hill

Shadow Hawk moving forward

Vulcan opening fire from a mountain pass

Centurion on the left, engaging the Hunchback and Assassin

Vulcan takes cover in the rocks

A devastating attack against my Centurion knocks the pilot unconscious

The enemy rushes forward to finish the job

The Vulcan moves around for an attack against the rear of the Assassin

Shadowhawk and Trebuchet stand off

Centurion destroyed

Assassin shot to pieces a moment later

The Shadow Hawk and Trebuchet exchange shots.  The Shadow Hawk is decapitated and destroyed; overheating a moment later destroys the Trebuchet in a massive ammo cookoff

The Enforcer knocked out the Hunchback's gyros and knocked it down---we called the game at this point.

Some pictures of my uncle's Battletech collection:


  1. Nice to see some of the old metal 'mechs in action! "I can't remember the name" might be a Blackjack?

    Great fun!

    1. Thanks, Paul! All old models from my uncle's collection, that he's had since hallowed antiquity. :)

      Yep, it's a Blackjack, I couldn't remember the name.