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Power Armor
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New ships for Rail Gun

Here are some new 2-d, print-and-play spaceships for Rail Gun.  They will be included in the final version of the rules.  Andy Nelson, author of the orbital-combat game ASAT, designed these using Lightwave.  More images after the bump, including one of the full 3-D renders. Thanks for looking!

Carrier--the hoops on the sides of the ships are "arrestors," which generate forcefields.  Fighers and bombers land on the carrier by moving into the arrestor; cranes then transfer them to the hangars.

Seraphim-class light carrier

A corvette

A "fleet-destroyer," a typical warship in Rail Gun.  Well armed and fast.

A flight of interceptors, capable of combat in space and atmosphere.
A carrier in action

Rail Gun is available at Wargame Vault, here.  Andy's orbital combat game ASAT is here

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