Power Armor

Power Armor
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rail Gun---ship data sheet preview

My original idea had been simple MS Word charts for Rail Gun---but Andy Nelson, of Paper Forge (and author of the excellent ASAT) has come aboard as artist/illustrator/playtester extraordinaire and has knocked out some great drafts of the ship data charts. Here's a preview. Rail Gun has gotten a lot prettier! Click the picture for much bigger image.

The charts now build all sorts of stuff right in, easy to read and follow.  The gauge on the right hand side tracks your ship's velocity by sliding a paper clip up and down.  We're going to see if the damage charts and other aspects of the QRS will fit, too.

Another update to the main rules will be coming soon. Thanks to everyone who's bought the playtest version of the game; it's available here, at the Wargame Vault.

You can see Andy's orbital combat game ASAT also at the Wargame Vault.

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