Power Armor

Power Armor
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rail Gun: Rules examples

I, and most gamers I suspect, really like examples of play in a rules set. For my in-development spaceship game Rail Gun, I'm creating some examples of different rules, using the cool 2-d spaceship art done by Andy Nelson.  Here's an example of movement in the game, and how players determine direction, speed, and all that. Yell "Magnify!" at your computer to make it bigger (and click on the picture, but yelling Magnify is an important part of the procedure).

More pics after the bump.

NOTE: I noticed a typo where I round speed 3.94 down to 2...should be down to 3.

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  1. Hi, sorry for the necro post but I was wondering if the play test rules for Rail Gun are still available anywhere, they seem interesting. The wargame vault link says its not available anymore.