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Power Armor
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

15mm Shapeways robot

So, after seeing these 15mm robots on Facebook, I went over to Shapeways and bought a set.  They're a bit fragile, but otherwise I was blown away by the quality of the sculpts and the posing.  I couldn't wait and quickly painted up one.  More text below the pics.

15mm Robot infantryman, sculpted by TheLazyOne on Shapeways

I have been looking for cool droid/robot infantry in 15mm for a while, but except for a few choices out there, I wasn't much enthused by the selection---until I saw these.  They have the Elysium security droid look that I've been wanting since I saw that movie, and also some echoes of 40k Tau and the aliens from Battle LA.

I gave these guy a simple paint job and a bit of weather.  The base is flock with some static grass.

As for assembly---they're ready out of the box! I washed them once and then glued them to pennies using small dabs of superglue.  The plastic responds well to it, getting a good tight hold with only a small amount of glue.  I then "primed" them in regular black paint. I plan to varnish them into oblivion to make up for my weak priming.

Thanks to Giacomo over at The Lazy Forger the for  designing these.  Here's where you can find his stuff on Shapeways.  I have one set of 20-something models, and another one on its way to me from Shapeways. Great stuff!  

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