Power Armor

Power Armor
Khurasan power armor infantry with conversions

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another wargaming blog! Huzzah!

Rebel Minis Sahadeen and converted Matchbox toys
Hi! This is the inaugural post for my wargaming blog, The Dog's Brush.  After several years of posting pictures to various forums (fora?), I have decided to consolidate my stuff into one place.  I plan to post about wargaming generally (battle reports, projects, and tutorials), the wargames that I write and design, and pictures of miniatures I paint on commission.

6mm WWII, by Heroics and Ros
My wargaming interests include:
World War II
Unconventional/insurgency wars (French Indochina, Vietnam, War on Terror)
American Civil War (especially Longstreet)
Science fiction gaming in 15mm

My wargaming design interests are currently on WWII, moderns, and science fiction---I'm in the process of writing a WWII game called A Sergeant's War, and updates about that game will be available here.

Since this is a gaming blog, who would I be to not post more pics of gaming stuff? Thanks for looking. I hope to get more updates in as the weeks progress.

(PS: If you're in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas and want to get in a game, message me!)
6mm T-34s, by Heroics and Ros

Khurasan power armor troops, with some conversions   

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