Power Armor

Power Armor
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

US Marines in 15mm

I'm embarking on wargaming the Pacific Theater in WWII.  First painted for this project is a platoon of late war US Marines.  All figures are by Resistant Roosters.

I have begun a general "downscaling" of my WWII stuff, with the European theaters done in 6mm.  However, I've recently developed a major interest in the Pacific Theater generally. I figured that since many of the ground battles were infantry centric, I could keep the PTO in 15mm and not break the bank.  Some of the terrain can also do double-duty for my plans to eventually do the French Indochina War and US-Vietnam War in 15mm, as well.

Next up on the painting queue are a few more Marines, then Japanese.  I'm thinking of Commonwealth forces for Burma/India next, and then US Army for the SW Pacific. 
3 Squads + Platoon command section

Each squad has 3 fire teams, each of 4 men with small arms and one special weapon

Special weapons: BARs, bazookas, and a flamethrower

Platoon command


Pride of the Corps---riflemen

What remains to be painted: another squad, 3x .30 cal teams, and a Sherman

Combat photographer.  The unfinished stuff is a mix of Resistant Roosters, Old Glory, and Quality Cast (?)

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