Power Armor

Power Armor
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Security Droids, 15mm Shapeways Robots

I finished 2 squads of TheLazyOne's 15mm robots at Shapeways, with one squad in aqua-blue and the other in red.  I intend them as security droids for games of No Stars in Sight.  They carry a mix of small arms and heavier weapons--missile pods, energy weapons, and what looks like a heavy machine gun or a grenade launcher.  I painted them up to be used robots---chipping, wear, and dust abound.

I photographed them and adjusted the exposures in a couple different ways.

Thanks for looking!


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  3. Very nice work!
    I've just received a platoon of these guys and can't wait to paint them.
    Sorry about the deleted comments, I found the answer on your previous post.

  4. Ralph, great to hear! I was told by the designer NOT to use spray primer on them. I primed them with plain black acrylic paint (like what I use on my miniatures), applying it with the brush. If you don't like the texture created by the printing process, the designer suggested applying several thin coats of primer first. (I like the texture for the droids, though---I imagine they might be printed themselves!)

  5. I'm glad you said that, I often spray if I'm undercoating en masse. I may do some with a couple of coats to see the difference.
    Do you find that they are solid enough when handled? Those tiny points of contact between a light model and a relatively heavy metal base are a concern.